Sunndach for business

Sunndach for business

You are in the right place if you are a business looking for a programme to support the emotional health of your staff.

Individual health and impact on work life There is an obvious and direct link between an employees health and their productivity. Which in turn has a direct impact on the commercial and economic success of your company.

In any organisation with a staff team, over the course of each year, it is likely that your staff will experience a range of life events or personal ill health that will have an impact on them and therefore on the work they produce. Relationship breakdown, divorce, childbirth, aging parents, financial worries are just a few examples that have an impact on or emotional health. Added to that physical ill health such as allergies, migraines, back pain and much more affects people’s moods and effectiveness. Further, if people are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, confidence, self image and other mental health issues then this has an impact on their work.

Poor emotional health impacts your business in a number of ways:
- The financial cost of absenteeism
- The financial cost of presenteeism
- The time cost of dealing with both
- Impacts on interpersonal relationships between team members
- Slows down production if there is weak link in a production team
- Affects mood and morale of the team

Absenteeism Research in the US, canada and australia all puts the figure absenteeism costs companies as billions of $. (2017, Canada $16.6 billion, Australia, 2005, 47.6billion, USA, 2018 $40billion)

Presenteeism However, the even bigger cost is due to presenteeism- when ongoing mental and/or physical health issues prevent employees from being fully productive at work. In this case, people show up at work but can’t deliver to their best due to health issues or personal problems. (Suzuki, et al 2015 researched presenteeism in Japan and found depression to be the most significant reason people were sick. Extensive research by Walter Buzz Stewart also shows significant mental health reasons for presenteeism)

Quite simply put, when people don’t feel good they don’t do their best work.

Spending to save
Some of the ways to tackle presenteeism, absenteeism and boost productivity, loyalty and morale :
- Become aware at management level of the connection between life events and work productivity
- Get to know the issues your staff are facing
- Educate your staff on how to change and improve their mental health
In the long run your company will save so much time and money with a small investment in your staff’s mental health.

A good equivalent for illustration is companies investing in the flu jab. The cost of the vaccination is minimal in comparison to the cost of staff being off with flu. And our hope is that Sunndach can do the same for your employees mental health.

Further more there is research that supports that showing that you value and appreciate your individual member of staff increases their productivity and loyalty.

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