About Sunndach

About Sunndach


Meaning: Joyful, cheerful, healthy
Origin: Scots Gaelic

We set up Sunndach because we are passionate about happiness.

Our mission is to share widely our years of experience and the tools and techniques we know can help you transform yourself and your life in order to be the healthiest and happiest person you can be.

We want you to know that you are not defined by your past, do not have to be stuck because of fear or limiting beliefs, that you do not have to accept that ‘this is who I am’ but instead you can change things about yourself and change your life in order to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Sunndach is an online, self guided platform designed and created to support you to achieve internal and external happiness. For a small monthly fee you access everything you need to create positive change in your life.

It has been created as a step by step course taking you through stages to happiness based on research, science and the work of Julie Leonard, a Certified Life Coach and Happiness Evangelist with 30 years Psychology, Health and Coaching experience who has worked with over 1000 people to support them to transform their lives. It’s further inspired by the concept of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid, taking you from the foundation steps and building up towards happiness.

But it doesn’t stop there. In addition, we provide continued support as you progress in your happiness journey with lots of support to maintain and sustain your happiness through masterclasses, challenges, inspiration and accountability.

We understand that many people are now realising that happiness begins with ourselves and in order to be happy we must take steps to change and improve ourselves. More and more people are realising what is truly important in life and are looking for ways to increase emotional resilience and find inner and outer balance. We at Sunndach believe we offer the tools and resources for you to simply and successfully make a difference.